Syracuse Class Becomes Stronger

Building on a National Championship year, the Syracuse Orangemen completed its 2003 recruiting campaign by landing center Darryl Watkins of Paterson Catholic High School in New Jersey. Watkins, 7-0, had committed to Syracuse last Friday, as reported the next day by
Watkins is a wonderful physical talent who has many yards of upside. The big question for Watkins is whether Jim Boeheim and his staff can extract Darryl's potential into reality. Watkins has the ability to be a big time college basketball player. He also has the size to be an NBA player someday. It's all up to Darryl now and Syracuse is giving him the opportunity.
Rutgers fans are disappointed, of course. Watkins' best friend, Marquis Webb, has already signed with Rutgers. It was thought by many close to Darryl that he would land in New Jersey to play in front of family and friends. But a quick visit to Syracuse last Friday changed his mind.
Watkins joins a class of outstanding forwards Terrence Roberts and Demetris Nichols and also guard Louie McCroskey. This four-man class now will likely be elevated even higher after Watkins' decision.
Roberts and Nichols each have the skills to play two forward positions while McCroskey can also dip between the two and three slots on the college level. Boeheim and his staff have made strong additions and added more depth to its roster due to these 2003 moves.