Sylla May Want To Go With Diarra recently caught up to Our Savior New American swingman Oumar Sylla (right) while the Mali native was taking a breather from his rigorous summer schedule.
Sylla said that he has heard from South Florida, Pittsburgh, Valparaiso, and Florida State, but that he hasn't been around to take many calls. Sylla said that there is a possibility that both he and teammate Konimba Diarra could wind up at the same college program, if it is a good fit for both of them. Sylla said that he is friendly with the Valparaiso staff, and will likely take a visit to the school.
Our sources tell us that Sylla, Diarra, and their rising junior teammate at Our Savior, Juan Diego Tello Palacios, who is a consensus top fifty player nationally, will all take an unofficial visit to Pittsburgh in the near future.
"Pittsburgh is prepared to offer (both Sylla and Diarra)," said the source.
Sylla, Diarra, and Palacios are leaving for China friday to compete with with the Junior National team. The tournament will last two weeks.