Swingman Keeps His Options Open

It was this past winter when Oumar Sylla told us he was going to play for Valparaiso. However, then rumors started to leak out that maybe Oumar wanted to open up his process and look at other programs.
Well, if Sylla is true to his word, he is likely to have more schools recruiting him after the ABCD camp. Sylla has looked solid. In a game watched last night, he might have been the best player on the court. He is constantly in motion, shedding his defender by bumping him into screens and picks. Then Sylla lauches his shot. For most of the night, Sylla connected. He led his team with 25 points in a win.
"Right now I am open," Sylla said. "I like Valparaiso and I like Florida State. But I have to see who is interested after the summer."
Sylla plans on playing at the Three Stripes tournament for Bill Sisti's Minutemen Press. "I am trying to improve everything," Sylla said. "I want to improve my ballhandling and defense."