Super Swing May Wait

Gary Forbes, a 6-6, 190-pound junior WG/WF from Benjamin Banneker Academy in Brooklyn, New York and Riverside Church, told us he plans on waiting until December before making a decision.
"I want to be able to help my teammates," Forbes said. "If I wait a little bit longer then maybe some other coaches will see my teammates play too."
Forbes told us he is still open. He leaves for the NIKE camp on Friday. Then Forbes tells us he will compete at the Peach Jam in Georgia and the Showcase in Orlando. "UCONN, Georgia Tech, St. John's, Virginia, Notre Dame and Providence are the schools I think working me the hardest," Forbes said. "But there are other schools I am also interested in."
UMass, Boston University, North Carolina, Syracuse, and Penn are also being considered.
Forbes told us he plans on working hard on his ballhandling this summer. "If I improve my handle I can do a lot more things offensively," Forbes said. "I can get to the basket better and it will help open up more space for my perimeter shooting."
Forbes told us he has no leader. "I have been offered by most of these schools," Forbes said. "I just want to take some more time to see what other schools are going to recruit me and also give my teammates a chance to get recruited too."
Gary told us that the one school he hasn't been recruited by but would like to see the school is the University of Florida.