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Styles 3 Elite Showcase Report

MIDLAND, Mich. - The Styles 3 Elite Showcase in Midland, Michigan hosted some of the top players in the Great Lakes State. Two of the headliners were four-star power forward Tommie McCune and Michigan State commitment Alex Gauna, but it was a sleeper national product Dwaun Anderson who stole the show with his impressive array of high flying dunks.
Tommie McCune: The four-star forward in the 2011 class was the headliner at the event and his did not disappoint. Standing every bit of 6-foot-7 with long arms and good athleticism, McCune was able to dominate in stretches. What stands out about McCune is how good of a shooter he is for a player who goes inside as much as he plays on the perimeter. McCune showed off his ability to shoot early on, and then as the camp progressed he kept going to the rim with authority and also rebounded well. When he looked motivated, he was very tough to deal with.
Dwaun Anderson: Every year there is an ultra athletic wing with skill that slips through the cracks. In the 2010 class it was Justin Coleman, and in 2011 it could be Anderson. Anderson is 6-foot-3 with freaky athleticism and a high motor. Consistently Anderson would attack the glass on the offensive end and dunk home misses with authority. Also he has an adequate handle on the perimeter that allows him to get to the rim and finish around the bucket against taller defenders. Beyond that, Anderson showed good form from deep, and while he didn't take many jumpers, he did make a majority of them. Overall he had the look of a no doubt high-major player, and someone who is primed to explode onto the national radar.
Alex Gauna: The Michigan State pledge has a lot of natural gifts to work with. He is every bit of 6-foot-8 with good athleticism, and a nice frame. Also he can shoot the ball from deep to stretch the defense, and when he goes down low he is capable of finishing. The problem however is that Gauna was inconsistent in his effort going to the block. When he did go down there, he was tough to handle, but too often he hung out around the three point line and launched deep jump shots. Getting aggressive in the paint is something he has to work on, but the skills are definitely there for this future Spartan.
Juwan Howard: This young player just continues to get better and better. The future Western Michigan Bronco showed off new and improved skills. He went to the rim and finished through contact, was aggressive on the boards, and even showed an improved jump shot from the perimeter. The strides he has made from a year ago are quite impressive, and now the combo forward is asserting himself as a very good get for the Broncos. This was the best we have seen Howard play.
Matt Costello: Costello isn't the most athletically gifted big guy in the country, but the 6-foot-8 power forward is making great strides shooting the ball, and also he plays with a high motor. Over the weekend he showed shooting range that extends beyond the three point line, but he didn't just hang out on the perimeter. Costello went inside, grabbed rebounds, and even was a disruptive force on defense. He needs to get stronger, but that should come in time for the 2012 prospect who is just beginning to scratch the surface.
Charles Tucker: If you are looking for the next great point guard from Lansing, Michigan, you found him. Tucker is an excellent looking 2013 floor general who simply knows how to play the game. While not the most athletically gifted player on the floor, Tucker is one of the smartest. He always makes the right pass, never over penetrates with the basketball, is a capable mid-range jump shooter, and just shows a high basketball IQ for such a young player. Point guards with that skill set are rare as seniors, and Tucker has it before he has even played his freshman season in high school.
Kevin Marshall: A solid looking power forward is Marshall. At 6-foot-7 he is capable of finishing on the inside and he showed an ability to run the floor and he played with hard. Marshall is a 2012 prospect who needs to get stronger and develop more of a game facing the basket, but he showed some ability and knows how to get buckets down low.
Trey Babers: Babers is the cousin of current Michigan State Spartan, Draymond Green, and is a solid player in his own right. He is a solid small forward who at 6-foot-5 can do a little bit of everything. Babers isn't great in any one area, but he was solid all around. He is someone who could be a very good glue guy/role player at the college level.
Brandon Wiliams: Williams is a very athletic, but slightly undersized power forward from the Detroit area. He showed that is more than capable of finishing above the rim, and had an attitude that coaches simply love. His lack of size limits him in terms of long term potential, but Williams is able to get buckets and finishes above the rim.
J.D. Tisdale: The city of Flint has a long history of producing high level basketball players, and Tisdale is getting some hype as the next one to come from the city. He is already 6-foot-3 with some solid basketball skills. As a 2013 prospect he has work to do, but time is on his side. Tisdale is a good ball handler and a capable shooter, though that area can use some work. Also he is a pretty good athlete. Word is Tisdale is still growing, so he could really shoot up as his body catches up to his growth.
Michael Hundley: This is a long and lean 2011 power forward from the Detroit area that is beginning to put it together. Hundley definitely needs to get stronger, but he is a legit 6-foot-9 with a huge wing span. At the moment he does almost all of his damage down low, and his defense is ahead of his offense, but Hundley is constantly working to make plays, and runs the floor very well for a prospect his size. As he continues to get stronger, his game will make great improvements.
Derrick Walton: Walton is yet another very good looking 2013 guard from Michigan. He is a good athlete with an excellent ability to handle the basketball. On top of that, he showed an ability to finish creatively inside when he beats his man off the bounce. He is definitely one to watch in the future.