Stinson Has Top 7

Curtis Stinson, a rock solid 6-2, 205-pound point guard from The Winchedon School likely catapulted himself onto the wish lists of many high majors programs with his performance at the ABCD camp, earning an all-star selection.
Stinson's scoring capabilities were on display all week. Curtis wields a dangerous crossover that helps him elude defenders, as he is adept at infiltrating defenses off the dribble, but he also hit the three consistently all week. Stinson is a physical, lock-down type of defender to boot. He bullies smaller guards with his size and frame.
Stinson listed Memphis, Seton Hall, Drexel, Iowa State, Rutgers, Northeastern, and East Carolina as his suitors. All schools are calling except for Memphis, which has been sending mail. Drexel and Northeastern have offered.
"I might take some visits after the summer's over," said Stinson. "I don't know where I'm going to go yet."
While Drexel and Northeastern are the only programs to plop down offers in front of Stinson at this point, Curtis's AAU coach with The New York Ravens, Gary DeCesare, is confident that he'll see a deluge of interest over the next few weeks.
"He should be hearing from many more schools after this camp," said DeCesare. "He's a great defender, and he's very strong. He's a Big Ten guard. He could play in the Big Ten."
Stinson will compete in the Three Stripes Tournament at Hofstra this weekend with The Ravens, followed by a trip to the Las Vegas Big Time Tournament. He may take a trip out to California for a tournament as well, but that is up in the air.
Stinson still needs a qualifying SAT score, and will take the test in October.