Stinnett and McFarland impressed with Idaho

According to their travel team coach, P'Allen Stinnett and Andre McFarland went to their Idaho visit with one picture in their heads and left with a very different picture. Originally from Las Vegas, the duo from Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, N.H. will visit their other top school Iowa State at the end of this month while other schools try to work their way into their recruitment.
"None of us had ever been to Idaho, so when we went up there we had the picture in our head of being way out in the middle of nowhere," said Anthony Brown of the Las Vegas Prospects. "We left with a totally different picture in our head. The school is only about five minutes from the Washington State campus, the facilities were great and the place had a city feel to it."
Idaho assistant coach DeMarlo Slocum formerly coached the Las Vegas Prospects and Stinnett actually signed a letter of intent with Iowa State before the coaching change and his decision to go to prep school. Those two schools have recruited Stinnett and McFarland over the long haul and are firmly at the top of both players' list.

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"The next step for the two is to visit Iowa State at the end of the month and then make a decision shortly after that," said Brown. "Seton Hall, San Diego State, LaSalle and Creighton have stepped up recently with offers, but I don't know how much interest there is from the players."
Stinnett and McFarland are not necessarily set on playing together, but the opportunity for both to find minutes at Idaho or Iowa State is promising.
"You don't go to prep school and then expect to wait a couple years to get to play," said Brown. "If the situation is right for the both of them, they will play together. When you look at both Idaho and Iowa State, they both have a chance, if not to start, to play a lot of minutes."