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Steven Hill Preparing For Arkansas

Arkansas basketball fans should be excited about the type of summer big man Steven Hill is having. The 6-foot-11, 220-pound center from Branson High School in Branson, MO., is becoming a dominate force on the defensive end of the court and just keeps getting better. Hill started his run during the USA Developmental and had another solid showing this past weekend at the Nike All-American Camp.
“I had several areas of my game that I wanted to focus on heading into Nike Camp, but none bigger than competing against guys my size,” Hill said. “Where I’m from there is nobody my size at all. I just wanted to play and see how I matched up against some of those guys my size.
Once I realize what my weaknesses are, I can go back home and start working on those and make sure that each area is improved,” he added.
The Arkansas Razorback basketball program is getting a great player in Hill. Earlier this month at the USA Developmental festival, Hill was a force on the defensive end of the floor. He recorded nine blocks in one game and drastically changed the outcome of the game.
There will be a point in time when he will provide some help on offense, but he will need to put on some weight.
“Right now I’m working on putting on some weight,” he said. “That is my main goal until I arrive at Arkansas. “When I came down to Nike Camp that was a big weakness of mine, not having enough strength. I have a personal trainer and we are trying to work that out, but being gone all the time does not help.”
Hill realizes that he still has his senior year of high school to complete, but he cannot wait to start his career at Arkansas.
He had the opportunity to play at schools like Kansas and Missouri, but wanted to be one of the key players that put Arkansas basketball back on the map.
“I really like Coach Stan Heath and the Arkansas program,” he said. “Arkansas is close to home, which is great for my family. They can come watch me play and it is less than two hours from Branson.
“The thing I like the most was being able to help build a program,” he added. “Arkansas is kind of down right now. They’ve been up in the past, but they’re down again. Coach Heath has some great players coming in next year. Having the opportunity to help build a program back up intrigued me the most.”
The Arkansas basketball program is getting a very talented individual that should provide immediate help to their basketball program. Hill’s size should make that happen from the start, but the Razorbacks are also getting a very humble individual that has a great amount of respect and love for his parents.
“My parents are very supportive,” he said. “They let me know if I do something wrong, but its not like they are yelling at me. It’s so great having them around because they let me know when I do good and when I do bad.
“I really appreciate all the support that my parents have given me,” he added. ranks Hill No. 31 on the Rivals 150 list and the sixth best player at his position.