Steve Smith On Diop Anthony

Oak Hill Academy head coach Steve Smith told us that his former player, Sagana Diop, a 7-0 300-pound center, is adjusting fine to the life of an NBA player.
"He has been hit with injuries which have cut down his playing time," Smith said. "He has a great attitude about the whole thing. He is working hard and the people in Cleveland like him."
Diop was heavily recruited by several schools last year before he plunged into the NBA draft last June. Does he regret the move now? "No," Smith said. "He told me at least he is making money while sitting. He said he could have gone to Virginia and sat too. So he is happy he made his move."
Diop had also considered North Carolina and Georgia Tech. He visited each of the schools during his recruiting process. "He likes the city of Cleveland," Smith said. "He is a hard worker. He has always been a hard worker. So he will eventually do well in the NBA."
Smith though thinks each player is different. Sagana was thinking about the NBA for a while and then made his decision, according to Smith. As far as his super swingman, Carmelo Anthony?
"He only talks about playing for Syracuse," Smith said. "These are two different situations. Sagana is a big man too. Last year was different too. This is another year. Carmelo really wants to play college basketball."