St. Louis wing taking game to next level

Oftentimes, one of the biggest leaps for any prospect comes as he transitions from his sophomore to his junior season. That certainly seems to be the case with Jordan Barnett.
Currently ranked No. 101 in the 2014 Rivals150, the 6-foot-7 small forward at St. Louis (Mo.) Christian Brothers College has taken his game to a new level as a junior.
Where Barnett has shown athletic promise in the past, he's now added an improved jumper, become more productive all around and expanded his perimeter skills. Rankings won't be updated for a few months, but he's shown enough to merit a raise to four-star status and he's been happy with his junior season.
"I think my season has been all right," Barnett told "It hasn't been great. But it's been all right. I've been averaging a career high, which I pretty much should be.
"I'm really happy with the way I'm starting to handle the ball more and rebound more. I have to stay attacking, I'm happy that I'm being more aggressive attacking the basket and getting more looks."
While Barnett is attacking the basket, he also looks more comfortable with his jumper while ringing up more than 18 points and seven rebounds a night.
"I'm feeling a lot better with it," Barnett said of his shot. "I've been working on my jump shot in the summer and it's started falling more, so I'm confident with that."
This winter, Barnett has had coaches from Harvard, Florida, North Carolina, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan State and Missouri drop by to watch. The Gators -- whom he should be visiting soon -- are his most recent offer, and the Tar Heels are the newest school to drop by. Roy Williams is supposed to be in the next week or so after a Tar Heels assistant watched a week and a half ago.
"That's a huge deal," Barnett said about Williams coming out. "That's one of the biggest coaches in NCAA basketball. To have him take his time and come watch me, that's a big deal."
While his Florida visit was supposed to take place a few weeks ago, Barnett's parents said that it will likely happen this weekend. Barnett himself says he's in no rush to cut anything down and that he hasn't thought much about visits as he concentrates on his junior year.
"I'm sure that I'm going to take some visits," Barnett said. "But exactly where to or when, I couldn't really tell you that right now."
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