Snider gathering offers and setting up visits

It wasn't an easy decision for Quentin Snider to decommit from hometown Louisville. Especially right on the heels of their national title. But, the No. 31 player in the class of 2014 had to do what he felt was best for his career.
Now, a month has passed since he opened things up and things have gotten back to normal for the 6-foot-1 point guard at Louisville (Kent.) Ballard. Well, as normal as things can be for a blue chip recruit.
Given that there aren't many quality point guards left on the board, Snider's opening of the process created a feeding frenzy. UCLA, Minnesota, Illinois, Cincinnati, Connecticut, Memphis and USC were amon those to offer almost immediately. Indiana jumped in but hasn't yet offered and Michigan State offered on Sunday night.
This weekend, Snider will take his first official visit to UCLA while he'll take another to UConn on the weekend of September 20th. Memphis gets an unofficial on September 7th and he'll take another unofficial visit to Illinois on the 28th. A date is being worked out for Michigan State and the hope is to sign in the early signing period.
"We would like to have it done by the fall but if we don't have it by then we will wait until the spring," Snider's father Scott told "If he's still not 100% sure about where he wants to go then we will wait.
"We are getting into this kind of late so I don't want him to rush."
While Snider still has decisions to make on the college front, he's more than proven himself as a high schooler. But, he's still driven to get better.
"I think his biggest strength is what he doesn't have yet and that's his body," said the elder Snider. "I really think he'll be a better payer in college because he's going to get in that weight room and they will add 20 points which will really help."
A versatile guard who does a little bit of everything, Snider has been seen as a scorer but can play a pure set up man. He's also driven to compete.
"I don't think people realize how good of a shooter he is," said Snider. "He hit 96 threes last year and has shot 42% from three in his career. People see him as a scoring point guard but he's also going to set his school's assist record.
"I think he really wants to compete and he wants to win games. I think that's what drives him more than anything. I think he feels like he might be a little underrated and he always feels that way and I think he has kind of a chip on his shoulder."
One thing is clear, Snider is motivated to prove he can make an impact at the highest level of college basketball. Because of that, the opportunity for early playing time will be important in the the decision process.
Distance from home has also been talked about as a factor. This time around, Snider's father says that distance won't be a factor in the decision making process.
"The main thing is making sure that he has an opportunity for playing time right now," said Snider. "He's never really been a kid that has not played. Even as an 8th grader he was starting varsity.
"We're a tight knit family but at the same time if his best situation is the farthest away we don't want to be selfish and keep him home. If the distance was a factor we wouldn't waste time going to UCLA this weekend and we wouldn't waste their time recruiting him either."
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