Snaer stuck on five

With all of his visits behind him and face time with each of the coaches that are recruiting him now complete, Michael Snaer is trying to find an answer to his recruitment.
Who will the 6-foot-4, 185-pound shooting guard from Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde sign with in November, if he signs at all during the early signing period?
At this stage of the game, Snaer is at a recruiting stalemate. Florida State, Kansas, Marquette, Missouri and UCLA are in the final running but none of the five have stood out more than the rest, the five-star prospect said.
"It's tough," Snaer says. "I'm still trying to figure it all out. I'm trying to figure out where I fit in at the best…At this point, it is still pretty much those five schools that I am considering."
Snaer recently completed his official visit tour that covered nearly every corner of the United States. He said he gathered a lot of information from each stop. The biggest thing he was looking for was team unity.
"It's amazing how every little piece of information helps you in trying to decide. But, you know, everything is still pretty much the same with all of the schools if you pay close attention," Snaer said.
"I really just spent a lot of time with the team and I wanted to see how they interacted with each other and how they interact with their coaches. Then I wanted to see if the coaches were really trying to get to know their players. I've really enjoyed seeing how these guys coach their teams, too."
Snaer's first visit was to Missouri, a school that has been there from the start with Snaer and recruited him long before he ascending to the five-star category this summer.
"It has a real nice homely feel to it down there," Snaer said of his time in Columbia. "Everyone on their team just really clicked. The coaches there just welcomed me with open arms. They are real cool with all of their players. There is a close bond there."
Like Missouri, Florida State has had a hat in the race for over a year's time. The Seminoles have made an impression on Snaer from the start and he raved about the coaching staff in Tallahassee.
"The team is really cool there. I had fun with their team. We hung out a little bit. I got to know their guys. One of the things that they have going for them is that I really have got to know coach [Leonard Hamilton] and coach [Andy] Enfield . I know coach Enfield will be really able to help me with my shot. He's proven that he knows how to do that. Coach [Corey] Williams played in the NBA and I know he can really help me with my ball-handling. I really think their coaching staff can really help me out."
A trip to Marquette followed Florida State. Snaer said he likes the direction the Big East program is heading.
"They work hard every single day. They don't let any day go by without really working hard. It's amazing just to see that. The guys are just real cool. They have fun. I really took to heart what the coaches all had to say. Coach [Tony] Benford and coach Buzz [Williams] are real cool. I like talking to them."
UCLA, the home school, will have an obvious geographic advantage, Snaer says, but location won't be a factor in his decision. Relationships will. And Snaer says the Bruins have done a fine job on connecting with him.
"I've been there a lot of times so I pretty much know all of their guys. I'm used to them. I just like to go down there and hang out with all of their guys," Snaer said. "Coach [Ben] Howland is a great coach and I know he can push me to the next level and help improve my skills. He's going to get me better. Coach [Donnie] Daniels and all of the other coaches are all about getting my game better by pushing me to get everything out of me everyday to help me get to the next level."
Kansas wrapped up his visit tour. He was in Lawrence for the Late Night in the Phog festivities. From all accounts, Snaer said the visit was as good as he thought it would be.
"When I went out there it was crazy. The fans are crazy. It was good going out there," he said. "I really like coach Self. I really, really, really like talking to him. He seems like he is a great coach. I enjoyed spending time with him and the players. They all see really cool and they really seem to love coach Self. It looked like a good situation. I really got to know those guys really well."
Now comes the hard part – finding the one. The next couple of weeks, Snaer says, are important. He could find his answer in the near future.
"I am just going to have to sit down with my coaches and my mom and try to put the pros and cons down for each school and then just pick the one that has the most pros," Snaer said. "I can't really put a date on it. There isn't a time I can just throw out there and say, 'This is when I'm going to decide.' It's going to have to just come to me. It is something that is important…If I'm comfortable with signing in November, then I'll sign in November. If I'm not, then I just won't sign."
Snaer is on the clock but he said he doesn't feel any pressure to decide. There are, however, five schools hoping to see a signed National Letter of Intent from Snaer in November.