Smith: Not Sure About Carmelo

Oak Hill Academy head coach Steve Smith told yesterday that he isn't sure what Syracuse freshman Carmelo Anthony will do in the next month or two. "He has two attractive options," Smith said. "He can stay another year at Syracuse. Or he can go pretty high in the NBA draft."
Smith said Carmelo could have left for the June 2002 NBA draft after playing at Oak Hill. But Smith said this might not have been the best option for him. "He might have gone between 15-20 if he left out of high school," Smith said.
"But he is now a top five pick. He could still stay. He loves college. He is having a great time at Syracuse. And obviously his time at Syracuse he has received more exposure and has increased his value to NBA scouts. So certainly playing at Syracuse has helped him tremendously."
Anthony has helped Syracuse into the third round of the NCAA tournament. Yesterday, the Orangemen came from behind to defeat Oklahoma State. Syracuse next plays Auburn this Friday in Albany where many Orangemen fans will be on hand.
"He loves it there," Smith said. "He is having a great time there playing for coach Boeheim. Carmelo just loves playing the college game. I spoke to him recently. And I can tell you he is giving no indication on what he is doing. I don't think he knows what he will do."