Single big play sparks recruitment for 2007 star

With one dynamic play at the Kingwood Classic, DeAndre Jordan elevated himself into the national spotlight. The 6-foot-10, 215-pound power forward from Episcopal High School in Houston, Texas utilized his incredible athleticism for a thundering dunk in front of a packed house at the main gym on the tournament's busiest day. Because of that play, the class of 2007 prospect has become a hot commodity with college coaches and his recruitment went from quiet to incredibly busy.
Jordan shined at the nation's largest AAU tournament with his Houston Swoosh team but it was his one shining moment against the Smryna Stars that grabbed the attention of nearly every college coach in the country.
Playing on the left block, Jordan faked over his left shoulder and spun to the baseline to his right and then elevated on his defender and threw down a thundering dunk. It was after that play when coaches flipped through their rosters and highlighted his name and scribbled notes beside his name.
"Wow, that was the highlight," Jordan said. "Everyone was talking about it. I think it put me on the map. Nobody really knew who I was until then."
People know who he is now. More importantly, college coaches know who he is now. Jordan said he's received scholarship offers from Arizona, Texas, Texas A&M and Virginia Tech since the Kingwood. Coaches from each of the listed schools, expect for Virginia Tech, came by to see him last week at his high school.
Arizona State, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Houston, Kansas, Oklahoma and Wake Forest have all added Jordan to their respective mailing lists and have shown a significant amount of interest in Jordan, according to the sophomore.
"Nobody is higher than anyone right now. I'm open to just about everybody," Jordan said.
Now that the evaluation period is over for college coaches, life has been back to normal for the Houston prospect. However, life is a little different now than what it was three weeks ago.
"Life has been pretty good. I can't complain," Jordan said. "I've got a lot of attention now. It's all positive stuff, too. It's a great feeling to know that people know who you are."
Jordan averaged 15 points, 12 rebounds and seven blocks per game as a sophomore this season. The rising junior said he will likely play at the Reebok ABCD camp in July.