Sims lands in Big Ten

The Big Ten is reloading with local talent and one program landed a big time prospect when DeShawn Sims decided he was ready to end his recruitment. The 6-foot-7, 222-pound small forward from Pershing High School in Detroit, Mich., is staying close to home and now he's hoping his decision sparks others down the road.
Sims, the No. 39 ranked player in the class of 2006, committed to the Michigan Wolverines on Friday afternoon.
"I wanted to be close to home," Sims said. "I was down to Michigan, Michigan State and Syracuse and I took the positives from all three and decided that Michigan basketball is the best overall situation for me. I figured that Michigan was the one school were I could benefit the most down the road. They are going to be able to help me out for what I want to do down the road."
After a sensational July, Sims could not have been any hotter of a prospect. His recruitment went into a full fledged battle between the three schools. Now he's hoping others in Michigan take notice.
"I stepped up. I know a lot of guys around here are waiting to make a decision but I finally decided on what I want to do so maybe it makes other guys thinking about committing commit to. I know some people were waiting on me and there are some guys in this class that I'd like to play with."
Especially 7-footer Tom Herzog.
"His dad told me that whenever I committed, than Tom would come to Michigan, too," Sims said.
Start the clock for Herzog.