Should Carmelo Head to the Pros

The question that trumps Syracuse's gutsy win over Kansas for the NCAA championship is whether or not freshman phenom Carmelo Anthony will declare for the NBA draft this year.
There are so many reasons that he should - he's achieved the ultimate in college basketball, an NCAA title; he's talented and mature enough for this step; and, he shouldn't risk the injury that has hit others, none more than Miami's running back Willis McGahee who experienced disaster in his last college competition.
There really isn't any logical counter to Anthony's choosing to leave Syracuse after one season. But then there were numerous reasons for him to turn pro after his prep career. The Baltimore native decided to head to college anyway.
But there is the unknown, such as how much Carmelo has enojoyed college. The smile in the above photo reflects his personality. The young man enjoys life; how much he's enjoyed his freshman year can be a big factor. His family (his mom is from NY) will surely have a big impact in this decision.
Whatever this very talented, personable and mature young man chooses - we wish him the best. He's been fun to watch at Towson Catholic, Oak Hill Academy, with the Baltimore Select and Baltimore Blue programs, and of course with the Orangemen.
It's his choice.