Shoe Company Musical Chairs with Top Players

TEANECK, N.J. -- The battle between the two shoe company giants -- adidas and Nike -- reached a crescendo earlier this week when 6-10 Amare Stoudemire and 6-6 Kennedy Winston (right) both wound up at the Nike All-American Camp.
But that was not the last salvo fired in the war over top talent between the two shoe companies.
Kendrick Perkins, a 6-10 center from Beaumont, Tex., who is considered one of the top rising juniors in the country, surfaced at the adidas ABCD Camp this weekend.
Like Stoudemire and Winston, who both toured with adidas programs earlier this spring, Perkins had been a staple on the Nike circuit with the Houston Hoops program.
But all three players wound up at the events of the opposite shoe company this week.
Stay tuned to the Insiders Report all summer long, as the plot is bound to keep thickening over the coming weeks!