Sheridan: Privilege To Play At VU

Will Sheridan got a chance to kick the tires last weekend when he played at Villanova's Pavilion at the Scholastic Play by Play Classic.
Sheridan, a 6-8, 225 pound senior power forward from Sanford H.S. in Hockessin, Del., scored 18 points, grabbed 15 rebounds and swatted five shots in a 58-52 loss to Friends Central H.S. of Wynnewood, Penn.
Sheridan signed early with Villanova, so playing at the Pavilion on Sunday gave him a chance to get more acquainted with his future college home.
Following the game, Sheridan sat down with for a lengthy Q&A session:
RH: What was it like for you to play in your future home? Did it put any pressure on you?
WS: I didn't feel like there was any pressure. I felt like it was a privilege to play in front of the Villanova fans, at Villanova, before I get to play here.
RH: How do you feel you played?
WS: We didn't win, so I don't feel that we played well as a team. I played OK in spurts. Our whole team was a little ill, sick, so we haven't really practiced as a team in a week. That was a result of that.
RH: What are some of the things that you are working on in preparation for coming here next year?
WS: My strength. Everything. My total game. Versatility, shooting, everything.
RH: It looks like you've dropped some weight since we've seen you last.
WS: Yes, I weigh like 225 or 230. Before I weighed about 240.
RH: Has that helped you in any way?
WS: Yes, it helps with my quickness and ultimately will help with my versatility.
RH: Have you been to any Villanova games this season and do you have any observations about the team?
WS: Yes, I've been to some Villanova games. It's a team that plays hard. They come out and give 100 percent every game, and that's what I'm all about. So I think I will fit in well.
RH: When will you arrive at Villanova for classes?
WS: In the summer, probably two weeks after I graduate high school. I think I can get six credits before classes start in the fall, and that's what I plan on doing.