Shakurs Summer Up In The Air

Mustafa Shakur, the talented 6-3, 170-pound point guard from Philadelphia's Friends Central High School, has pulled ahead in most experts' eyes as the best lead guard in the 2003 class after his performance at the ABCD camp. If you recall, Shakur battled with class of 2004 stud Darius Washington on the ABCD camp's first evaluative day and turned in a solid performance.
The slippery lead guard showed a penchant for driving, drawing, and dishing, putting his teammates in good positions to score. Shakur is a slick ballhandler who can break down defenders with his handle to infiltrate opposing defenses. At a waifish 170 pounds, Shakur uses his elusiveness to slink past opposing defenders and at times compensate for his lack of physical strength.
In front of Arizona head coach Lute Olsen, Shakur did a solid job of running his team and distributing the basketball. His forays into the paint opened up opportunities for teammates, while a deep ball that was falling kept defenders honest.
Shakur has a fairly long list of suitors at this point, one that includes UConn, NC State, Arizona, Villanova, Syracuse, Virginia, Seton Hall, Boston College, Georgia Tech, and a recent addition in North Carolina. According to sources, Shakur is likely to carve this list to five or six schools in the next week.
It's likely that Syracuse and Villanova will definitely make the list while NC State, Arizona and Connecticut also have a solid shot to make the final list. This is not to say the other schools don't have a chance. But sources have indicated these particular five schools are strong. Shakur has not officially told any school they are out of the race. If Shakur does decide to cut this list, we will post it here on this site.
Also up in the air is Shakur's summer plans. Shakur may decide to go to summer school and not make the Las Vegas trip. Again, this has not been decided. It's likely to be decided sometime this week. We will also keep you posted on this situation. Right now, Shakur is leaning toward making that trip.
Yesterday, Shakur worked out for college coaches with his high school team. Many of the schools listed above did attend the workout.
Shakur has taken unofficial visits to NC State, Syracuse, Villanova, and Virginia. He said he definitely plans on trekking out to Tuscon to check out Arizona's campus, but is unsure of where else he will go.