Shakur To Cut List Down Soon

Mustafa Shakur, the talented 6-3, 170-pound point guard from Philadelphia's Friends Central High School, told us he is close to narrowing his list down. "I will probably cut it to five, no more than six schools," Shakur said. "I will probably have it to that number in the next two days."
Shakur would like to go to Las Vegas for the ADIDAS event with a shorter list. "That's what I am planning to do," he said. "I am doing that right now."
Shakur has pulled ahead in most experts' eyes as the best lead guard in the 2003 class after his performance at the ABCD camp. "I just played my usual game," Shakur said. "Some guys there changed their games. I didn't. The competition was good. I had a good time. But I did everything that I always do."
Shakur has a fairly long list of suitors at this point, one that includes UConn, NC State, Arizona, Villanova, Syracuse, Virginia, Seton Hall, Boston College, Georgia Tech, and a recent addition in North Carolina.
Syracuse and Villanova will definitely make the final list, according to sources, while NC State, Arizona and Connecticut also have a solid shot to make the final list. The question is will there be a sixth school. "I don't know," Shakur said. "I want to look at each school again before I cut the list."
On Sunday, Shakur worked out for college coaches with his high school team. Many of the schools listed above did attend the workout.
Shakur has taken unofficial visits to NC State, Syracuse, Villanova, and Virginia. He said he definitely plans on trekking out to Tuscon to check out Arizona's campus, but is unsure of where else he will go.