Shagari Alleyne Open But Has Short List Now

Shagari Alleyne makes even the most casual of drives
to the hoop an adventure for the opposition. The 7-2,
255-pound junior center from Rice High School altered the
complexion of the game defensively against Molloy
yesterday, swatting away eight shots and being called
for three goaltending calls, not to mention altering
countless others.
The Molloy frontline had the
thankless task of trying to confront Alleyne in the
paint, and most of the time wound up kicking it back
out to the perimeter for a three. Molloy's guards
weren't immune to the sting of Alleyne's condor-like
reach, either, as many a slashing drive was sent back
where it came from or turned into an off-balance
Early on in process, Alleyne lists Temple, Kentucky,
North Carolina, and Seton Hall among the programs that
have caught his interest. Alleyne's mailbox is stuffed
to the hilt, as he is getting letters from "everyone
in the country", but at this early juncture, the
well-spoken big man is wisely keeping his options
"All my options are open," said Alleyne. "At this
point, I'm really looking for a coach who knows how to
teach big men."
While Alleyne is still refining his offensive game,
any caroms that the plucks off the offensive glass
equal a dunk. Defensively he is a terror for opposing
big men, capable of turning away opponents' shots from
a flat-footed stance. Alleyne's incredible wingspan
leave guards that venture into the paint as vulnerable
as post players, their often off-balance attempts
sling-shotted skyward.
Alleyne maintains an 80% academic average and
reports that he will take some official visits after
his season ends, the four schools on his early list
the likely candidates for a visit.