Several coaches invited to watch Aldrich workout

Cole Aldrich, the 6-foot-10, 235-pound power forward from Bloomington (MN) Jefferson High School invited a handful of high major coaches to a private workout on Sunday afternoon. There was a time when it looked like Aldrich, the No. 6 ranked player in the class of 2007 would put an end to his recruitment early on in the process, but that is no longer the case.
"Yes, it was a very productive summer," said Aldrich. "There was so much travel and so much time spent on the road, but it is fun to look back at that now and reflect on the time I spent with my teammates and coaches. I do remember a lot of games from this summer, especially the games when nobody could stop me. Before the summer started, I felt that I needed to become more of a complete player on offense.
"I worked on becoming more of an offensive minded player," he added. "Now, I do not think that I would feel comfortable if the ball came to me 15 or 16 times in a row on offense, but I am more comfortable in terms of taking on more of a role on offense."
Now that the summer AAU evaluation period is over, Aldrich is looking forward to spending more time thinking about his recruitment. The 6-foot-10 power forward conducted a private workout on Sunday afternoon, and several of the schools on the top of his list made the trip to Minnesota.
"My family and I invited coaches from Kansas, Wake Forest, North Carolina, Illinois, Northern Iowa, Butler and Minnesota," said Aldrich. "For some reason or another, Michigan State did not make the trip. I could not talk to any of the coaches, but it was great to see that so many of them made the trip.
"My main focus right now is to prepare for the upcoming season," he added. "Once that is over, I will begin to spend more time thinking about my recruitment and some of the decisions that I will be making down the road."
While Aldrich was hoping to kick his feet up and get some rest before school starts in September, he still has two more trips to make before that actually takes place.
"I am headed to California for a little vacation, so I am excited about that," he said. "I am also going to Colorado for a program called "NCAA First Team." It is a mentoring program and people from the NCAA come to speak to us about the rules.
"Other people outside the NCAA will meet with us as well," he added. "I believe John Lucas was a speaker last year, so it is something that I am definitely looking forward to, and it was a real honor to be invited."