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Seven standouts from NBPA Top 100

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There were a number talented prospects at the NBPA Top 100 Camp who stood out with their play. Here is a breakdown on seven of those top performers, led by camp MVP Adam Woodbury.
Adam Woodbury (2012, center) - The beauty of Woodbury's game is in its simplicity. Instead of trying to out-athlete his opponent, Woodbury plays at a pace where he can read the game and make a precise play. Woodbury establishes good position and if he isn't double teamed, he scores with a reliable jump hook to either shoulder. When he is double teamed, Woodbury doesn't fight the pressure and is a composed and accurate passer.
Nate Britt (2013, point guard) - This crafty lefty was perhaps the surprise player of the event. The book on Britt coming into the event was that he was a talented set-up man with a need to become more physical and improve as a scorer. Britt, however, rewrote the book on himself, by averaging 16.7 points per game as the No. 2 scorer in the camp.
Amile Jefferson (2012, combo forward) - In a similar vein as Woodbury, Jefferson kept his game simple during the camp, playing to his strength and being efficiently productive. That strength is attacking the basket along the baseline as a slasher and rebounder. Jefferson has a quick first step, elusive athleticism and the ability to finish on either side of the rim. He led the camp in scoring with a 20.8 points per game average.
T.J. Warren (2012, combo forward) - Warren started out the camp on fire from behind the three-point line and kept it up to the finish, averaging 14 points per game as the No. 6 scorer in the camp. At 6 feet 7, his effortless jumper is a dangerous weapon. He also showed savvy as an all around scorer and has the size and strength to rebound his position.
Brandon Ashley (2012, combo forward) - A talented prospect, Ashley has been a national name since his freshman year. His production has been up and down this spring, but it was consistently up at this event. Ashley was the No. 5 scorer with 14.2 points per game and was a force on the boards as well. A more physical and attacking approach to the game paid big dividends for him during the event.
Marcus Smart (2012, guard) - one of the top competitors in the class, Smart constantly plays in attack mode taking advantage of his physical strength and toughness. He is far from just a brute, though. Smart has a tremendous basketball IQ and by far the top helpside defender at the camp. He racked up numerous steals by anticipating plays while also averaging 10.8 points per game as the No. 13 scorer in the camp.
Kevin Ferrell (2012, point guard) - Much has been made about the thin crop of point guards in the 2012 class. Ferrell's play at the camp, however, was a refreshing burst of playmaking. He is a jet with the ball with great side-to-side quickness as well. He has a reliable jumper and is able to make the difficult pass on the move. When he keeps his turnovers down, he is a highly effective player.