Seton Hall lands prep school big man

Brandon Mobley probably never imagined his path to division one basketball would go the way it did. But, the point is he made it and on Wednesday he pulled the trigger for Seton Hall.
A native of Savannah, Georgia, the 6-foot-9 Mobley spent a year of prep school at Delafield (Wisc.) St. John's Northwest Military Prep before picking the Pirates.
"I'm going to Seton Hall. I picked them about 30 minutes ago," Mobley told "It was a very tough decision between Auburn, Memphis, DePaul and Seton Hall. My family told me to just pray on it and go with my heart."
Before leaving for SJNMA, Mobley was a little worried about being away from home. But, now he will enter college having already been away from home for a bit and it will be much easier to get back home if he needs to.
"I feel so much better," said Mobley of how his year of prep school helped. "Now distance is not a problem and I can get flights home to Savannah from Newark."
Long and athletic, Mobley is a greyhound in the open floor who has worked hard to add weight and improve his overall skill.
"I've become more of a perimeter player," said Mobley. "But at 6-foot-9 and 215 I feel I can still handle the ball and pass. I try to be a Lamar Odom type player. I gained like 24 pounds this year at school and feel like I will only gain more and get better in college."
A three-star prospect, he joins a class that already includes three-star prospects Aaron Cosby and Haralds Karlis along with Sean Grennan, Isaiah Hill and Freddie Wilson.