Serious interest in Osby

There is a row of seats tucked away behind the scorer's table at Northeast Lauderdale High School in Meridan, Miss., and lately, they have been fully occupied by coaches from all over the country to see four-star junior Romero Osby.
To the locals, though, the faces are still unknown and just another set of eyes watching the game. Well, except for the nice ties and tailored suits.
"You can see them but most people here don't know who they are," Osby said. "I don't pay much attention to them being there. People start to talk about them being there after the game when they are waiting around and when they can really see them. You don't have guys showing up in suits too often."
Kansas, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Arkansas, Memphis and Florida have been in to see Osby in a game or a practice this season. Last year had a similar turnstile count but this year is different, says the No. 31 ranked player in the class of 2008.
"It's at another level this year," Osby said. "I'm seeing a lot more head coaches this year. Last year, it was mostly the third assistant but that's all changed now."
Osby is averaging 25 points, 11 rebounds, four assists and three blocks a game at the moment and despite the constant recruiting attention, he isn't paying too much attention to his future college home.
"As long as I can play my position and not limit me to the block, I'm interested," Osby said. "I wouldn't going somewhere that runs and guns and that fits my style. I'd like to find a place with my major, too. I want to study electrical engineering."
And he's giving the visitors that come to Meridan something to think about.