Schools lining up for Snaer

After shining as one of the top overall players at the Pangos All-American camp last weekend, Michael Snaer's self-evaluation on his performance may surprise some people.
The four-star guard from Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley, California isn't exactly giving himself high passing marks.
"I thought I played just okay. It was good enough to stand out. I was lifting before I came up there and I was worn out," the 6-foot-5 guard said. "I wasn't really at 100 percent but I was okay. It was good enough I guess."

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It is scary to think what he could have been at full strength. Snaer was better than his self-assessment. The rising senior scored from the perimeter with one of the prettiest three-point shots in the camp. He attacked the basket with confidence and strong athleticism. Everything in his offensive playbook seemed to be working.
"In the high school season, we ran a certain offense where you don't really attack the basket that much. Now I'm getting into attacking the basket nearly every time with my travel team. That's what I do know. I'm looking at what the defense is against me and then trying to go harder to the hole. I'm taking it to the rack more. But if they are playing back, I can always go to my three. I know I'm good from back there."
Snaer said he's spent a lot of hours in the off-season in the weight room and he said the added strength is making him a harder player to defend.
"When you have someone in front of you and you want to get by them, it's nice having a big, strong body to go through them. It changes your game. In basketball, you have to change your speeds a lot. If you have that added strength, you are going to be even harder to defend because you can get by people so many different ways â€" with speed or with strength," Snaer said.
"I feel like this is making me a better player. It's making the defense have to think a lot more. I want to keep them on their toes. I feel like I can let it fly but I also want to keep them guessing."
College coaches aren't guessing on his ability. Snaer is quickly becoming one of the most sought after two guards in the nation. He'll be a busy man in June, hopping from school to school for camps and unofficial visits.
Snaer said he will participate in Southern Cal's elite camp this weekend. He also said he visited UCLA unofficially on Thursday. Snaer will also play at Marquette's elite camp. A trip to the Paul Pierce camp is also on the schedule.
Cal, Florida, Florida State, Washington, Missouri, Arizona, UNLV, Miami and Stanford are also in the picture. Of all of the schools on his list, Snaer said each has offered a scholarship.
"I want to find an opportunity for me to come in and play right away as a freshman. My coach really wants me to find a place where they have a good offense," Snaer said. "I have to try and keep my mom happy so I want to find a place with good academics, too. I want to find a place with a good coaching staff and whether or not I'm comfortable with them."
What schools are coming at him the hardest?
"Wow, that's tough. It's hard to answer that because I have a lot of schools that call me. Then I have a lot of schools that call my coach. It's hard to tell who really is recruiting me the hardest," Snaer said. "That's why I want to try to keep it all neutral."