Schools Jumping on California Prospect

The term athletic is often times used to describe the Southern California All-Stars. It’s a worthy adjective thanks to players like class of 2006 prospect Chase Budinger. The 6-foot-6, 180-pound small forward from La Costa Canyon High School in Carlsbad, Calif. is one of the top leapers in the country. Read on to see what schools want him to jump on their program.
Budinger is a bouncy wing that can get to the basket with a dribble for two points and he skies high for rebounds and blocked shots. His athleticism stems from his time on a different kind of court - a volleyball court. He’ll balance his time between playing hoops and playing volleyball throughout the summer. The two sports balance each other, he says.
“To me, it’s all the same,” Budinger said. “Each sports helps the other as far as getting my skills to the level I want them to be. In fact, I think they are the only two sports that a player can compete at and develop some of the same skills. Jumping, timing, quickness, awareness, all of that. So making the transition from one to the other isn’t too bad really.”
Arizona, UCLA, Kansas and Nevada are all active in his recruitment, Budinger says. Just recently, Kentucky has inquired but he admits he isn’t sure of their interest level. Only a sophomore, Budinger has a bright future and is hoping to hear from more schools. A lot of programs are waiting to see what sport he’ll pursue. But they’ll have to wait a while longer.
“I’m wide open,” he said smiling because he’s heard the question of what sport more than he can remember the last three weeks. “There is no decision yet.”
Budinger will be at the Tournament of Champions at the end of May and plans on attending the Reebok ABCD event in New Jersey this July.