Schafer Taking Another Visit

Ray Schafer, a 6-11, 215 pound center from Wasilla H.S. in Wasilla, Ak., is on his way to Arizona State for another visit. Schafer, who has cut his list down San Diego State, Gonzaga, Arizona State, Oregon, Stanford and Liberty, has already taken trips to San Diego State (Sept. 6-8), Gonzaga (Sept. 13-15), and Oregon (Sept. 20-22nd).
The Alaskan big man, depending on how those first four visits go, told us he could use his fifth visit for either Liberty or Stanford in October. Schafer admitted that Stanford has expressed only moderate interest in him thus far, and he's still in the process of filling out his application to the PAC 10 program.
As for Liberty, their presence on a list of mostly high major programs might cause some people to pause, but Schafer explained that his ex-high school coach (Chuck Martin) is now on staff at the Virginia school.
Schafer played for Bob Gottlieb's BWBA program last year, and he was scheduled to play with them again this summer at tournaments in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
However, he injured his knee just prior to the July evaluation period, suffering a medial meniscus tear. He underwent arthroscopic surgery and is expected to be 100 percent by November.
Unable to play with BWBA this past summer, Schafer worked with training guru Marv Marinovich (father of former pro QB Todd) during June, July and August. He focused on off balance strength training in those workouts, and has also been rehabbing his knee by swimming and doing leg lifts.
Last season at Wasilla H.S., Schafer averaged 20 points, 15 rebounds, three assists and five blocks per game. He said he has a 3.5 GPA and will sign up to take the SAT this fall. He took the PSAT last year as a high school junior.