Saturday at adidas Super 64

Rivals.com had a good look at many top prospects Saturday at the adidas Super 64 in Las Vegas, Nev. Some of the better prospects were underclassmen and a handful of them play for the EBO/EA Sports. One of the better post prospects is 2006 center Brook Lopez.
Brook Lopez- The 6-foot-11 2006 prospect for EBO/EA Sports can run, catch, get in a stance, and score in the post. Lopez can also do a little bit on the perimeter. He has skill on offense, and plays hard on defense. Look for very big things out of him.
Robin Lopez- The 6-foot-11 twin of Brook Lopez is a very good player in his own right. He is not as polished as his brother and does not have a perimeter game as of now, but he should be able to play as long as his brother.

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Derrick Jasper- At 6-foot-5 he is a legit point guard who can rebound above the rim. He is an intense and talented defender as well. Offensively he can handle, attack the basket, and find the open man. He is a big time talent, but his outside shot needs work.
Quincy Poindexter- This 2006 prospect can also play. At 6-foot-7, this small forward prospect is quick to the basket, and he knocked down a three-pointer on Saturday.
Ricky Torres- Torres has a great stroke from the three point line and deeper. He has also improved his athleticism and is capable taking it to the basket and dunking in traffic. Lateral quickness on defense, however, will be an issue in, most likely, the Big East.
Vernon Goodridge- The big man got four fouls midway through the first half against Torres’ New York Ravens team and consequently had to sit for most of the game. When he was in the game, however, the long 6-foot-9 center was a running and jumping machine. He blocked numerous shots and pulled down numerous rebounds. Many of his offensive rebounds were in transition and were turned into put backs.
Eric Meister- Goodridge has a 2006 teammate in Meister who is very skilled in the low post. The strong 6-foot-7 power forward is not an overwhelming athlete, but he can turn to either shoulder and finish with a jump hook from either hand. In fact it appeared that he preferred is left hand. He does not yet have a pretty stroke facing the basket, but he shoots it with confidence and usually good results. A very heady player, Meister is typically in the right spot on the court at the right time.
Lawrence Westbrooks- Westbrooks can flat out score from anywhere on the court and in anyway. At 6-foot, he is strong, quick, and explosive off the ground, and can get separation whenever he needs. He can run the point as well, but he is such a good scorer that it is hard to move him off of the scoring guard position.
David Schneider Westbrooks’ teammate on High Five America Arizona is a 6-foot-3 combo guard who is good with the ball and a very good shooter. He is not a break you down type point, but he can get the ball to the open man and does not turn it over. As a shooter, he has a very quick release and can pull up off the dribble. Being a coach’s son, he does all the little things that help a team win.
Ryan Ayers- The Notre Dame commitment has a fluid and beautiful stroke from the outside. He also passes the ball well and is a long 6-foot-6 out on the wing. As to be expected, he plays like a coach’s son.
Gerald Inman, Jr.- Inman is long and athletic at 6-foot-9 and should make an instant impact at Rutgers in 2005.
Greg Paulus- In SRAP’s loss to Dallas Pump N Run, Paulus had a tough day. He did not shoot the ball as well as he did Friday, and his turnover level was high.
Andre Blatche- Blatche was active for SRAP in the game. He made a three and took the ball to the basket going both ways. He still needs to be more physical around the basket and contest shots with more passion.
Jared Carter- At 7-foot-2 in bare feet, Carter is a prospect solely on his height alone. Besides being tall, he can also move pretty well. Now, he is certainly a project, but he will put on weight and he appears to be a late bloomer. Playing for the Derek Smith All Stars in the summer and Scott County High School during the school year, Carter should have plenty of schools watching him until the spring.
Laron Dardy- Look out for this 6-foot-8 2007 power forward prospect. He runs and jumps like a deer and looks comfortable with the ball around the basket and not too bad with it on the perimeter. Dardy runs with T.O.P.P. Sports out of South Carolina.
Nate Minnoy- Minnoy had a rough game for the Illinois Fire against T.O.P.P. Sports. He looks as if he is still gaining weight and losing explosiveness. He had failed to score three-fourths through the game.
Jeremy Pargo- Pargo did not shoot the ball well from outside, nor did his running mate Tony Freeman. Pargo did make several very athletic plays where he penetrated the defense and made tough finishes.