Sacre is Canadas next stud

Vancouver, British Columbia, the third largest city in Canada, is postcard pretty tucked away in the Pacific Northwest. Known for it's amazing scenery and picturesque mountain ranges around the city, people flock to the area during the summer for one of the best vacation spots in the West. Now college coaches are finding a reason to make it there, too. They are coming in to see Robert Sacre.
The 6-foot-9, 225-pound power forward from Handsworth Secondary School in North Vancouver is becoming a hot commodity, according to his AAU coach Reggie Guyton.
At the adidas Superstar camp, Sacre had coaches thumbing through their packets in search for his name and info. Guyton said it's not a big surprise. They did the same thing at the Kingwood Classic.
"He's gaining confidence as a player, just becoming more dominant," Guyton said. "When coaches look at him, they always say, 'Who is this kid?'"
Sacre, a chiseled physical specimen, did enough to show coaches that he's worthy of high-major contention. And Guyton said he's only getting better.
"When I first saw him, he wasn't really playing hard in the post and didn't play hard but things are changing," Guyton said. "Back in July, he went head to head with some other big guys and on the first three possessions he went to work. He had two dunk attempts and made his presence felt. He's getting acclimated to a higher competition and doing well at it."
The high-majors are making the trek to Vancouver, B.C. Most of the Pac-10 has made it a point to see him at his school this month. Guyton said LSU, Kansas, Gonzaga, Washington, Oregon State, UCLA and "pretty much the whole Pac-10" are recruiting the big man.
How does LSU make the list? Sacre's parents are former LSU athletes. His mother played hoops and his dad got it done on the gridiron.
As Sacre continues to improve, don't be surprised to see more schools make a trip (and some R&R time) in Vancouver to see Sacre.