Rush In No Rush Now

Oak Hill Academy head coach Steve Smith has a reputation as one of the best in the basketball business at evaluating, identifying and developing the top high school talent any given year. When a player decides to contact Smith about playing at Oak Hill, he is going into the Warriors' program expecting to play against the best competition that season.
This season will be no different for Smith. He has started to move forward in compiling his talent for the 2003-2004 season. One player, Brandon Rush, has already made a commitment to play for Smith this season.
"I am going to be at Oak Hill next season," Rush said. "I am also a junior now (Class of 2005)."
Rush has now delayed his timetable in making a college decision. He is only focusing on this upcoming season with Oak Hill. He has also grown to about 6-foot-7.
Before Rush decided to reclassify, there were several majors taking a look at him. Schools that were previously involved were Missouri, Oklahoma, UCLA, and Duke. "They have backed off since I decided to reclassify," Rush said.
Rush played last season at Westport High School in Kansas City, Missouri.