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Rumble in the Bronx eye-catchers

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BRONX, N.Y. - Here are a few players who caught our eye at the Rumble in the Bronx last weekend.
Rumble in the Bronx Eye-Catchers
Devonta Abron
Power forward - 2011
Abron showed that he can be a major problem for defenders on the low block. He is very strong and has the explosive athleticism that allows him to finish above the rim with authority. Abron also showed that he is willing to play hard on every possession, and more than anything, proved to be one of the more unstoppable players at the event. He needs to work on his skill, but all weekend long Abron was a double-double waiting to happen.
Michael Carey
Point guard - 2012
The 2012 combo guard continued his strong AAU play over the weekend. He played mostly on the ball at point guard, and did so impressively. Carey is excellent at getting to the rim, and over and over he showed an ability to finish in traffic. Beyond that he did a decent job of being a floor general. More than anything his scoring and athleticism is what was impressive, and why he stood out game after game.
Dennis Clifford
Power forward - 2011
Boston College has picked up a good one in Clifford. The 2011 center was very impressive with the Bay State Magic. He runs the floor extremely well, showed reliable hands, and showed an aptitude for rebounding the ball both in his area and outside of it. Also Clifford showed off an impressive touch for a big man, and complements it with some solid athleticism. Overall he had an impressive weekend helping his team to some big wins.
Myles Davis
Shooting guard - 2011
Davis, who is young to be a 2011 prospect, played down with the 16-and under squad and quite honestly it wasn't fair. He was absolutely dominant at that level and was a scoring machine. No one was able to keep him in front, and that led to bucket after bucket. Davis did mention that he is considering going into the 2012 class for good, but he is undecided about that currently.
Maurice Harkless
Small forward - 2011
After a subpar showing early in the spring, Harkless looked like a different player this weekend in the Bronx. He was active in the mid-range, shot it well from deep, and played hard. Harkless is a very long combo forward, and he put the entire skill set on display. The four-star prospect was simply excellent for the New York Panthers, and at times put the team on his back.
Myles Mack
Point guard - 2011
There has never been any question that Mack can score. The diminutive guard has always been able to light up the scoreboard, and over the weekend he did that again. Despite facing box-and-one defenses, Mack still got it going offensively. More than anything, though, Mack showed that he can also run a team. Though he is a dynamic scorer, Mack looked for his teammates and got them involved, but at the same time knew when he had to hunt for his shot. Overall he was excellent and showed that he is a true floor general.