Roe weighing a tough decision

Delvon Roe is on the clock. The five-star forward from St. Edward's High School in Cleveland, Ohio is down to two schools, Michigan State and North Carolina, and he is close to announcing where he'll certainly star in college.
Long thought to be a North Carolina lean, the mood in the air may have changed some after he spoke at length about his upcoming decision at the Boo Williams Invitational. Scuttlebutt out of Ohio and Michigan has revolved around a potential Michigan State pledge.
The air will all be cleared on Tuesday, April 17th. Roe will announce where he will be headed at his high school at 2:30 p.m.
"It's a tough decision, it is probably going to be the toughest decision I'll ever have to make in my life," Roe said. "You want to make sure you pick the best school and find where is the best place for you as an individual and what school can you get the most from that program."
Both schools offer a lot, he says, and trying to differentiate the two has not been easy. Roe said he has asked serious questions to Tom Izzo and Roy Williams throughout the process. One of the most important issues revolves around playing time.
"About the minutes; am I going to play? I asked (North Carolina) that about a month ago, two months ago. How do you think I was going to fit into that program, and do I have a chance to play my freshman year? (Coach Williams) gave me two answers. He told me I have a great chance of starting my freshman year, or I have a great chance of playing a lot of minutes my freshman year, and be a big impact player," Roe said.
"Michigan State - same thing, same exact thing. They said if I come in there, handle business like I should do, I might have a great chance of starting or having a great chance of getting a lot of minutes my freshman year."
Both schools have been in it for the long run. Both schools have spent plenty of hours on the sidelines watching the 6-foot-8 left-handed forward on the AAU circuit and throughout the high school year. Both schools have gone the distance. The time is almost here.
"I know where I want to go," Roe said. "It's just a matter of my parents agreeing with me, and the coaching staff saying how they feel about it."
Time is almost up and Roe is about to make one elite level program happy next week.