Roberts Still Learning Under Hurley

Bobby Hurley Sr. has seen his fair share of great players at St. Anthony's High School in Jersey City, New Jersey. And his players improve their overall games when they are done at St. Anthony's because Hurley is perhaps the best high school coach in the country.
So when you ask him to talk about Syracuse recruit Terrence Roberts, you listen and take notes. "Terrence will get the ball alot if we are making our shots," Hurley said. "If we aren't making our shots, teams will pack it around him."
Hurley added: "After he graduates in May he is going to head right up to Syracuse," Hurley said. "He is going to take some summer courses to get ahead academically. He is also going to get four meals a day and work in the weight room."
Hurley said there is a major reason why Roberts will undergo this type of activity. "Once he becomes stronger physically," Hurley said.
"He can be a great player in the Big East because he is athletic and skilled. He can gain 20 pounds easily by doing this. He is so lean now but the Big East is a physical league. Getting up to Syracuse will help him out a lot."
Hurley concluded: "He is so graceful. Once he adds some weight he will be a great college player. This is his only second full season with us. He is also qualified too now. He got his score recently. He will take it again. I think he is capable of getting an even higher score."