Roberts May Take Fifth Visit

Terrence Roberts, the talented combo forward from St. Anthony's High School in Jersey City, New Jersey, just got back from his official visit to Florida. Roberts told us he had a very good visit to the Florida campus but also told us that Syracuse still leads in his recruiting process. Roberts has kept that part consistent over the past couple of months in stating Syracuse was the school to beat.
Roberts, who is ailing from a bad case of the flu, left for his trip to Florida last weekend under the weather. "The trip was pretty good," Roberts said. "The atmosphere at a football game is pretty amazing. The weather was warm too and the campus was big."
Roberts said his trip to Virginia was unexpectedly good. "I didn't realize there were that many things to do on the visit," Roberts said. "It was a great trip socially, many things to do around the campus."
Terrence said his visit to Syracuse was also good. "They still lead," he said.
But Roberts told us he may now take a fifth trip. "I am considering a trip to either Villanova, Seton Hall, Rutgers or Pittsburgh," Roberts said. "I could take another one since I have taken three and am taking my Maryland visit on October 13th."
Roberts said he had no idea when he might make a decision on whether he will take a fifth visit.