Roberts Has Top 5

Terrence Roberts looks like he has gotten some more juice back in his legs for the July ABCD camp in Teaneck, New Jersey. He has been very bouncy, the same bouncy self he was in the early spring. Roberts has those long arms and can flush a dunk in a New York second when you least expect it. But he is much more than someone who can thump you with a dunk. Roberts is a player who can also drain a jumper and block a shot.
It's because of these reasons why the 6-9 forward has many top programs watching his every move this week at the ABCD camp. "I have a shorter list now," Roberts told us. "I now have a top five of Florida, Syracuse, Villanova, Connecticut, and Maryland," Roberts said.
"Illinois has been trying to get involved lately. So I will put them below my top five and see whether they stay seriously interested. I also have Rutgers on my list."
Roberts told us he plans on taking official visits in the Fall. "I definitely want to take official visits to Florida and Syracuse since I would need to fly there," Roberts said. "But I also want to take visits to Connecticut, Maryland, and Villanova too. I am not sure of Illinois and Rutgers. But I have seen Rutgers many times."
Roberts, who will again be a major part of the heralded St. Anthony's high school basketball program in 2002-2003, told us he is likely to try to make the transition from the center slot to the power forward position on the college level since Terrence has decent range on his jumper.
"I think that will be my position on the college level," he said. "If I am to play in the NBA someday, I will probably have to make the move to the small forward position."