Roaming Eyes Zero In On Coaches

Brian Randle, a 6-7 forward from Notre Dame H.S. in Peoria, Ill., is used to being watched by college coaches. But last weekend at the Kingwood Classic in Texas, he admitted to glancing back and seeing who was among the throng of coaches watching him.
With the new NCAA event certification rules wreaking havoc on coaches being able to watch players in the spring, the Kingwood Classic was one of the few opportunities for colleges coaches to be out and watch the top players in the Class of 2003.
"I noticed them, and I always see them walk by and say what's up," Randle said. "Illinois, Indiana, Notre Dame and Michigan were at every game, and I am pretty sure Kansas was there, and Iowa, too."
In particular, Randle said he noticed head coaches from Illinois, Indiana, Notre Dame and Michigan at his games last weekend in Houston.
"It means a lot when the head coach is there," Randle added. "But when I just know they are present, it means quite a bit too, that they take a strong interest in me."
Right now, Randle is focusing on the six schools at hand, but didn't rule out adding or deleting others as the process went along.
"I am still pretty open to new schools coming in, depending on how the summer goes," Randle said. "We'll see."
Randle will enjoy the next few weekends off while his Ft. Sooy No Limit program rests up for the Bob Gibbons Memorial Day Classic in North Carolina in a few weeks.
"I am chilling for the next three weeks besides lifting and then practice with the team," Randle said. "I am just going to be hanging out pretty much, so there are no visits planned."
If anything should change with Randle's plans in the next few weeks, we will let you know, so stay tuned.