Reynolds entertaining suitors

Several schools have already been to Herndon (Va.) High School to meet with Scottie Reynolds, since his release from his letter-of-intent with Oklahoma. Reynold's high school coach Gary Hall gave some insight into his star player's "fact finding mission."
Michigan, LSU and new Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel have all recently made sales pitches to Reynolds. Virginia Tech was in the area and stopped by to chat, but Reynold's interest in the Hokies is not on the same level as it is in the other three schools.
Illinois entered Coach Hall's office as he wound up his interview with, and Wake Forest and Villanova have visits scheduled with Reynolds.
"I don't think Scottie would have any of these schools come in if he were not legitimately interested in them," said Coach Hall. "He is on a fact finding mission right now. How does he know who he really likes.
"There will have to be a strong connection with the head coach. I mean, who would have ever thought he would go to Oklahoma. Scottie has played for very few head coaches in his career, and he is the type of guy who thrives on relationships.
"He is not the type of player who can just go to any program and fit in like say a Darrell Arthur can. Scottie is a system player who needs to be in the right situation with a coach that he knows believes in him."
Reynolds is mulling over the idea of visiting LSU as early as this weekend when Arthur, his good friend and one of the top unsigned players left from the class of 2006, will be in Baton Rouge.
"He may visit LSU, and then go from there depending on how all his other visits with these coaches go," said Hall. "It's possible that he will go there this weekend, but he's not quite sure yet. He has to weigh the pros and cons. It is definitely an intriguing situation for a young man with the talent level that is down there.
"The one thing is that if he decides to go, that knocks out the opportunity for some other schools to visit him, whether it be Florida, Georgetown, Maryland or Virginia, since the visitation period ends this weekend.
"Darrell Arthur will be there this weekend, and that's certainly attractive to Scottie. But we don't want the visit to be just an escape to get away from being recruited again and hang out with his boy and having a good time, although I wouldn't blame him if that were what he wants to do."
Contrary to speculation that is out there, location is not an important factor in his decision, and Georgetown might not be as heavy a hitter in the Reynold's sweepstakes as some have thought.
"Location has nothing to do with his decision," said Hall. "If that were the case, he would have never have signed with Oklahoma. If anything a school could be too close. Most kids want to get away for college.
"Then thing with Georgetown is that they do not have a scholarship open. Would it be a good fit though, absolutely."
Reynolds, who is the No. 76 ranked prospect in the Rivals150, is a heady combo guard who has a sweet shooting stroke and a knack for scoring. He is not overly athletic, but makes basketball plays with his instincts, skills and strength with the ball.