Reviewing Loderick and Roderick Stewart

LEWES, DELAWARE -- Everybody seems to know about the Stewart twins -- Loderick and Roderick -- but one of the funny things we seem to notice is that the brothers rarely play well in the same game.
The Insiders Report/ has watched the twins play the last two summers -- first with the Payton-Baker Pinnacle squad last summer and then with the Friends of Hoop program this past summer. And it was a rare occurence for both Stewart twins to turn in dominating performances.
The same was true last night, as Roderick and teammate Nate Robinson stole the spotlight from Loderick. Roderick kept Rainier Beach afloat offensively for much of the first half with his slashing and perimeter shooting. He pumped in 23 points and grabbed seven rebounds, shooting eight of 18 from the floor and three of six from beyond the arc.
Meanwhile, Loderick really struggled on the evening, hitting just one of nine shot attempts and committing four turnovers on the way to six points. To his credit, Loderick did knock down four of six free throws in the final 1:13 to help the Vikings escape with the win.
The Insiders Report/ will keep you posted on the brothers' progress here over the next few days, so stay tuned.