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Thoughts and analysis from Zion Williamson's peers

Zion Williamson has done it. The YouTube sensation and holder of over one million followers on Instagram has shocked many by selecting the Duke basketball program. We asked a number of his peers their thoughts on who Williamson is as a ball player and how he is so unique compared to his other elite peers.

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The top-ranked player in the 2018 class, R.J. Barrett, is a fan of Williamson’s as he gave high markings of the elite forward and discussed what it might be like to play next his future teammate.

“He is just a freak athlete and he competes. I haven’t seen him play but from the highlights, he is really crafty with going between guys, getting lay-ups and finishing.”

“I mean, it would be the fourth one and we already have three so we already going to be good, but adding him, it gives us a different component. I don’t think the defense can figure out who to guard and we can all play so it’s going to be fun.”

Dontarius James, a Xavier recruit, played on the travel circuit alongside Zion Williamson with the SC Supreme squad. James discussed what it was like playing next to the YouTube sensation.

“It is fun. It just makes the game better. He isn’t really a selfish player. He gets everybody involved. He is really just a great teammate. Whenever you have him on your team, you always know that you have a chance of winning. He competes every minute of every game.”

Josh Green, a five-star guard with IMG, has not played against Zion Williamson, but the Aussie native still holds the dunking sensation in high regard. Green discussed his thoughts on Williamson.

“I really haven’t even seen him in person but he is just crazy explosive. Obviously he is very athletic and a showtime type of player. I think he is a great player.”

One of the best available prospects this winter, Emmitt Williams, who is also known for his emphatic dunking sprees, gave his critique on Williamson.

“Zion is a great ballplayer. I have known him for a while now. I know we are going to run into each other and he is a great kid.”

Keldon Johnson, a five-star wing and future Kentucky Wildcat, gave his thoughts on Zion Williamson.

“He is a good ballplayer. He is a great player, a lot of high-flying dunks, and a tremendous athlete. He is great all-around.”

David McCormack is headed to Kansas and as a standout on the adidas circuit, has had his fair share of battles with Williamson and has played with him a few times. The McDonald’s All-American spoke on the highlight reel that is Williamson.

“Other than being 272 (pounds) and jumping higher than anybody else that I know, he is just an all-around good player. He is a good passer, a very unselfish player, a good teammate and an all-around good kid.”

“He is a high-motor, he always plays with a lot of energy, and I have played with him a few times, regardless of the situation that we were in, he has always played with energy, offensively and defensively.”

A five-star guard prospect in the 2018 class and signed for Florida, Andrew Nembhard discussed his own thoughts on Williamson.

“He is an explosive player, plays above the rim, and can score. Playing with a guy like that, as a guard, I would love to pass to a guy like that and throw it up to him. It would be easy for me.”