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Raymond Felton/Sean Dockery Matchup

TEANECK, N.J. -- In a preview of a future ACC battle, Raymond Felton's Wizards squad outlasted Sean Dockery's Hawks squad on Monday night at the adidas ABCD Camp.
The UNC bound Felton once again put his signature trademark on the contest by making the big plays down the stretch, although the Duke bound Dockery ran a solid point in his own right.
After David Padgett scored to give the Hawks a 76-75 lead, Dockery had a chance to give his squad some insurance, but he missed the front end of a one and one opportunity.
That''s when Felton's backcourt mate, hyper Oakland point guard Armando Surratt, hit Ricky Lucas with a great pass. Lucas scored, was fouled, and hit the free throw to give the Wizards a 78-76 lead.
Felton then made the key play of the game, stripping Dockery after he received the inbouds pass. Dockery immediately fouled Felton with eight seconds left, and Raymond calmly sank a pair to give the Wizards an 80-76 cushion. That was also the final score.
In watching the matchup between the two future ACC guards, it was apparent that Dockery, at this stage, is the better pure point guard. He has more size, dished out six assists, but will need to continue refining his offensive game. Dockery netted nine points against the Wizards/Felton on just four of 18 shooting.
But Felton has a certain flair about him that enables him to make big plays in crunch time. He does not go out there and try to dominate games from the outset, but in the end, he's like an insurance policy who always comes through.
Against Dockery, he scored 16 points and dished out three assists. For all his talent, ability and explosiveness, Felton has showed poise and reserve. Yes, he does get and take his shots when he can, but most of his opportunities come within the framework of the offense.
The bottom line is that Duke and Carolina fans have a lot to look forward to in both of these young men in the coming years.