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Ray Felton Looking Forward To Signing Day

It seems so long ago when Ray Felton, an explosive 6-2, 190-pound guard from Latta High School in Latta, South Carolina, announced for North Carolina. In fact, it was last March when he chose the Tar Heels as his school of choice.
In addition, Rashad McCants and Sean May have also stated they will sign letter of intents with the North Carolina program. "I am either going to sign Wednesday or maybe Friday," Felton said. "It would be nice to have some sort of ceremony to do it. But I am not sure if I will."
Felton had been the focal point of many rumors that floated out of the state of South Carolina. Most of the rumors speculated he was interested in other schools besides North Carolina. "That was never true," Felton said. "I can't do anything about it (rumors). I just let them talk."
Felton's strength as a player and a leader is that the young man is never completely happy with his game. "I think I had a good summer," Felton said. "I played good. But I can play better."
So Felton plans on improving his individual game while competing in his senior season. "I am never going to be completely happy with my game. I want to improve every part of my game. I am always taking that outlook on my game."
Felton said one of his favorite highlights was playing at the Gibbons Tournament last Spring. Felton matched up against Shavlik Randolph and J.J. Redick (both headed to Duke). Felton helped lead his team to a comback victory inside the Dean Dome. It was a wonderful preview for North Carolina and Duke fans to see these three great players battle before a loud crowd.
"There were so many highlights this past summer but that was one of the best," Felton said. "I am looking forward to playing for North Carolina next season."
Felton will have plenty of help with Rashad McCants and Sean May already committed. McCants is a tremendous athlete and he will score many of his points in transition, especially with a point guard like Felton to lead the charge. May is a horse inside and has the ability to knock down the perimeter jumper.
"I have spoken to Sean and Rashad," Felton said. "They are both great players. It's going to be fun to play with such players like them."
Felton starts his senior season on November 27th. His team takes tournament trips to the Beach Ball Classic in South Carolina and to the Curry tournament in Charlotte, North Carolina this season. He also spends a lot of time hanging out with friends and going to movies. "I like the scary movies," Felton said. "Those types of movies that shake you up a little. I just saw Scary Movie 2. It was great to see it."
Somehow, one thinks that the sight of Felton handling the break, with McCants, Williams, May, etc. running along side him, would also scare some opponents. "That's what we hope to do," Felton said with a laugh.