QA with Reyshawn Terry

Following his team's 69-55 loss to St. Benedict's Prep last weekend at the Prime Time Shootout, 6-7 UNC bound forward Reyshawn Terry sat down with for a Q&A session.
Terry scored 11 points in the defeat, which was the second consecutive for the Demons at the Prime Time. A night earlier, R.J. Reynolds lost to St. Anthony's H.S. of Jersey City, N.J. In that game, Reynolds mustered 16 points before fouling out in the second half.
Here is the transcript of our interview with Terry:
Rivals Hoops: Reyshawn, what are some of the things that you are working on next year in order to get ready for North Carolina?
Reyshawn Terry: I am working on my defense and being consistent every game. And being a leader. The most important thing is to be consistent every game.
RH: What do you think that you are going to add to their program, and at what position do they see you fitting in?
RT: I will probably have to play the two through the four some games. I will have to get stronger, but I think my main position will be the three. We basically already have our guard play (Felton, McCants). I will just have to go in there and play hard, practice every day, and show them that I can play at that level. And hopefully, they will give me a chance to play.
RH: Have you had a chance to watch many of UNC's games this season?
RT: I've been to all of their home games, and I've been watching them on TV when they were on there. We are struggling at the big man spot, but hopefully, we'll be able to get it done with what we have.
RH: What did you think of J.R. Smith's game? You two had to defend each other a bit tonight, and he is reportedly a big 2004 target for the North Carolina program.
RT: I think he's a good player. I can't take anything away from him. He plays hard the whole game, every second.
RH: Were you aware going into the game that you would be playing against him, and that he was a big Carolina target?
RT: Yes, I talked to him. I just told him to keep playing hard and not to slack off. You'll earn what you deserve if you keep working hard. Coach Doherty told me that they were looking at him. I never knew him by name, but I knew who he was once I saw him."