Basketball Recruiting - Q-and-A with top-ranked junior Jon Kuminga
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Q-and-A with top-ranked junior Jon Kuminga

Jon Kuminga affirmed his status as the No. 1 player in the 2021 class this summer with a dominant showing at the Nike Peach Jam. The native of the Congo has all of the physical tangibles that NBA front offices salivate over in preparing for upcoming drafts, which is why he could be considered the best prospect in America regardless of classification.

Kuminga has spoken little on his recruitment to this point. College programs have remained a constant at his Patrick School open gyms in recent weeks, though, with Auburn, Duke, Kentucky, LSU, Memphis, Seton Hall, Texas Tech and UConn among the group that has shown up to see the versatile small forward.

In a recent sitdown with Rivals, the five-star Kuminga discussed a number of subjects including a possible reclassification, his continued progression and the next step with his game.

Corey Evans (CE): Let’s talk about your progression path and where you feel you have gotten better?

Jon Kuminga (JK): Man, I have been working on my skills most of the time and with my trainer, we just focus on my ball skills and getting my shots up and just getting better every day.

CE: How far do you feel you have come from last year until today?

JK: I would say a lot. I have come a long way. I don’t know if anyone knew that I would be like this. I have put in a lot of work and that has definitely helped me to get to this point.

CE: Your confidence is sky high right now.

JK: I am pretty much way more confident right now. I have my handle right and that just makes me a lot more confident.

CE: We have you No. 1 in America here at Rivals, but how do you get better?

JK: Just getting into the gym every day and taking no days off. Putting in work everyday and just focusing on getting better.

CE: What is that next step in your game?

JK: Just to get better, finding ways to get my teammates involved and to be a leader, that is all that I want to be.

CE: I have to bring up recruiting. You have spoken a little in the past about Memphis. What are your feelings about that program?

JK: I have the same feelings for everybody. I feel like everybody gives me the same energy so I have to like everybody right now and I am not ready to decide or anything like that. I am just working and making sure that I make the right decision.

CE: Kentucky in for you last week; what has been their pitch?

JK: They have just been coming in to check on me.

CE: Is there anybody that has separated themselves from the rest?

JK: Not really. I see everybody and it is just everyone making sure that I am just good.

CE: What will go into your decision? What is going to be the most important thing for you?

JK: It is going to be playing style and building my confidence and finding the place that they will coach me up.

CE: Has the idea of reclassification been broached to you at all?

JK: I am not thinking about it right now. I am just focused on my class and doing all of my stuff. I am not thinking about going to college or anything.

CE: Have you made any college visits lately?

JK: No, I haven’t gone anywhere.

CE: Anything planned?

JK: No, not yet.