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Q&A with five-star Scottie Barnes

Scottie Barnes
Scottie Barnes (Jon Lopez/Nike)

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There are not many prospects as versatile as Scottie Barnes.

The 6-foot-8 forward transferred to Montverde Academy this fall, which makes Kevin Boyle’s team arguably the best in America.

Barnes is a do-it-all type who is the high school version of Draymond Green. He plays with a competitive fire, but also possesses a unique, outgoing personality.

His recruitment has been difficult to read to this point. We sat down with Barnes at his new stomping grounds for a complete Q&A and discussed such topics as his continued progress on the floor, recent visits to Florida State and Oregon, upcoming ones to Kentucky and Miami and when he plans on committing.

Corey Evans (CE): Making the move to Montverde - how has that been for you?

Scottie Barnes (SB): Montverde has been alright. It is a lot different at practice. A lot of great guys on this team and getting to know them has just been great.

CE: Your jump shot looks like it is getting better. What all have you been working on?

SB: I have been working on my jump shot for the past few years. It is more about me being not entirely consistent. Some games, I make some shots and some games I just take two or three, so it is just being able to get them in the game and being able to be more consistent with them.

CE: What all do you pride yourself on?

SB: I pride myself on my leadership, getting others involved, being a high-level guy and person, getting to the basket and just scoring the ball at the right moments.

CE: You visited Oregon a few weeks ago. How was the trip back there?

SB: That trip was good. I got some details about the school and they basically showed me what they do and what they can do with me. Their system is more four-out, one-in, get the ball on the fast break, push it sometimes, but I could have the ball sometimes, too.

CE: What did you learn this time that you didn’t know before you went there?

SB: Wasn’t really entirely different compared to the last time that I went there but I felt like I had more fun being there with my friend, Jalen Green. I had more fun being there with him and it made my time a lot better. I saw a bunch of new faces on the floor, too.

CE: Talk about you and Jalen Green. Is that something you guys talk about, you know, playing together in college? It was your second official visit you took with him.

SB: We talk about playing in college, but we don’t talk about a select school but more about how it would be if we went to the same school. But we will see.

CE: Oregon has always been your dream school, right?

SB: It has always been my dream school since I was a kid. Once you get older though, you just have to stop that dream school stuff and face reality, because you have to know what best fits you and gets you in the best situation and helps you develop as a player.

CE: Florida State was last weekend. So how was that for you?

SB: I think it went great. I really have a good relationship with Coach Ham (Leonard Hamilton) and the rest of the coaches there. I saw the system that they play and they got a lot of bigs with good guards. I could see they really shoot the ball and their practices, they are really high energy.

CE: What has Coach Ham sold to you on his past with guys maybe in your mold?

SB: He showed me the track record of how they get guys to the league and how they really develop players shooting-wise. They showed me a bunch of players throughout the years that might have shot 20 percent, but as the year grows their percentages just go up and up and up.

CE: What about that idea of playing closer to home and in your home state?

SB: I know that I have would have support behind my back if I were to play in my home state, but it doesn’t really matter where the location is. I am just there to play, do my work and get to the league.

CE: What other schools are involved right now?

SB: Miami and Kentucky, along with the other two. Those are my primary four.

CE: Do you have any other visits lined up?

SB: I am probably going to do Kentucky and Miami visits pretty soon.

CE: Any dates in mind?

SB: No, we don’t know those dates yet.

CE: Do you want to sign early?

SB: I am probably going to commit sometime in November, or even late October.

CE: Kentucky, what is your thought process there with them?

SB: Everyone knows about Kentucky and what they do there with their players. They really help people to be one-and-done, which is what I really want to do.

CE: Miami is home, so what do they mean to you?

SB: Yeah, that is home. They are basically an hour away from my house. (Jim) Larranaga is there, he is a good guy, him and (Chris) Caputo, I hear from all the time and I text hem a lot. They really show a lot of interest in me, but I know going there, it would be very special to play right by my home and my parents could be at all of my games, so that would be really special and also be different from other players to go there.