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Q&A with five-star forward C.J. Walker

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The name of CJ Walker has reverberated throughout the Southeast for a few years now, but it wasn’t until his breakout summer that he became a priority. Down to a final three of LSU, Miami and Oregon, Walker sat down with Corey Evans for a Q-and-A session.

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Corey Evans (CE): You’re down to a final three so let’s go one by one. Let’s start with Oregon. How was that visit for you?

CJ Walker (CJW): It was real, real nice. They got a lot of stuff that keeps their athletes healthy and their weight program is really good. Their dorms are really nice and they have a very good family feel over there, too.

CE: What about their direct pitch to you?

CJW: They fit my playing style: they like to run, press, get back and forth, and they are an athletic team. They just said that I could showcase my athleticism there.

CE: You just went to LSU a few weeks ago, so talk to me about that trip.

CJW: It was a good trip. I got to see Emmitt (Williams) and hang out with the team which is going to be really good this year. They have a good family atmosphere and vibe there, and they have just told me that I could come in and start, so that sounds good.

CE: You and Emmitt remain tight since you guys played for the same high school and travel program. What has he told you about it there?

CJW: He has just told me that he loves it there. He seems like he likes it a lot whenever I went up there. I could see he put on a lot of good weight so I could tell they have a very good weight program.

CE: Lastly, Miami rounds out your final three so what was the vibe like going down there?

CJW: They just have a really good family vibe there, too. It is pretty much the same as the other schools as far as what they have in common with coming in having good minutes as a freshman and they have a good relationship with me and my parents.

CE: Coach (Jim) Larranaga has had good success in recent years with guys in your mold. Has he talked to you about that at all?

CJW: He hasn’t said much and didn’t really have to say much. He has done well in the past with his wings and forwards, so I could kind of see it for myself already.

CE: Will location be much of a factor for you whenever it comes to a college decision?

CJW: No, it won’t really play much of a part.

CE: We are less than two weeks away from the Early Signing Period. Where do you stand with things and your decision?

CJW: I still have to talk it over with my family and stuff, and we will come to a decision then.

CE: What are the chances of you signing early then?

CJW: I don’t think I am going to sign early at all. I still do not know yet, to this day, as far as where I want to go to school. I don’t want to rush it.