Prince Drawing SEC Attention

A host of SEC schools have made the trip to White Station High School in Memphis this season to watch 6-foot-6, 185-pound point guard J.P. Prince. Prince has filled the playmaker shoes of former White House station player Dane Bradshaw, who is now playing point guard for the University of Tennessee.
Renowned White Station head coach Terry Tippett listed Ole Miss, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt as the schools that have come on campus this season to watch Prince.
Coach Tippett said that like Bradshaw, Prince is not a really good shooter but that he raises the level of his team’s play by executing all the other parts of the game so well.
“He’s doing real well,” said Coach Tippett about Prince. “He has great size for a point guard and can jump out of the gym. He is a great passer and defender also. A lot depends on what day of the week it is. If it is a big game, then you can count on him to play really well. He is really talented and a smart kid who has already qualified.”
Prince is wide open right now with no list of favorites, according to Coach Tippett. The last time Prince and he discussed his college options, Prince told him he was not even thinking about it.
Coach Tippett, who knows the Memphis basketball scene as well as anyone, feels that Prince is the best 2005 prospect in the Memphis area with 6-foot-7 Lawrence Kinnard of Raleigh-Egypt High School right behind him.
In fact, White Station faces Raleigh-Egypt at Raleigh-Egypt in tonight’s best Memphis area match up.
“We are undefeated right now, and if we can get by Raleigh-Egypt tonight, we will be in really good shape,” said Coach Tippett.