Prince could be special prospect

Roschon Prince could be playing in the 15-under leagues, dominating the competition and not really learning much about himself and improving his game.
But the 2013 prospect from Long Beach (Calif.) Poly has been moved up to the California Supreme's top team and it's been a great learning experience, something that should help Prince, a 6-foot-5, 175-pound shooting guard, for years to come.
"It's like a rookie going through his first season, it's like a freshman going through his college year, he's trying to figure some things out," California Supreme coach Gary Franklin said. "This is his figuring-out stage but he's pretty darn good for us and will be for the next few years."
Prince plays with some of southern California's top players during the AAU season including Gelawn Wheelwright, Austin McBroom, Ryan Anderson, Kevin Johnson and many others and Franklin said his young star is certainly learning more than if he was playing with his age level.
Prince might not be a superstar because he's playing against older competition but his skill set is definitely increasing because the rising sophomore is getting challenged every time he steps on the court.
"He's obviously the youngest guy on our roster," Franklin said. "I don't think he turns 16 until late December but he's starting to figure some things out in terms of this level that there are older guys, bigger guys, stronger guys, they're much more athletic and better guys.
"As time goes on, his confidence will obviously rise and so will his experience. By the time he's going into his junior year or senior year I look for him to be back to where he was going into high school which is one of the top 10 or 20 prospects in the country. There are some high expectations for sure from a lot of people but he can live up to it.
"One thing is just his physical part and his athleticism. There are some other guys we have that are his age that are playing their actual age, some are playing 16, and they're just as skilled but they're not as physical or athletic. He's physical and athletic enough to play and we feel the best fit for him, to push him, is to be fighting right now."