Basketball Recruiting - Precious Achiuwa Q&A: Visits, newcomers & the G-League route
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Precious Achiuwa Q&A: Visits, newcomers & the G-League route

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ATLANTA – Precious Achiuwa has never struggled to lead a quality recruitment dating back to his underclassman years in high school. Now that he is just months away from enrolling in college, Achiuwa has remained steadfast with the process as he has not been willing to show his hand to which way he might be leaning.

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During his time this week at the McDonald’s All-American Game festivities, we pulled Achiuwa aside for a wide-ranging sit down. While he was not willing to outline a specific time for when he might commit, he did discuss in full his senior season, recent visits taken, newcomers into his recruitment and the topic of the new G-League initiative.

Corey Evans (CE): Let’s talk about the first year at Montverde Academy for you; how did it go?

Precious Achiuwa (PA): I think, now that I look back, I am really, really excited that I made that decision to go to Montverde. It was probably the best decision that I could have made for my senior year. I am really excited I made that decision. At first, I wasn’t too sure about it but I just trusted what Coach (Kevin) Boyle does, looking back at his history and the type of guys that he has had, and the success that he had with those guys. I just trusted him with all that he has been doing and I am just glad I made that decision.

CE: Talking about your development, what all do you bring to the floor?

PA: I bring everything to the floor. I get my teammates involved, I can initiate the offense off of the rebound and can push it from there, I can score, rebound, pass and definitely play defense. The one part of my game that I have to develop and not that I think is bad, but I believe I need to develop is my scoring and mostly my shooting. I am not a bad shooter but a lot of people overlook how I can score because of the other parts of my game excel so much as far as defense and energy.

CE: Because of all that you do, a lot of schools have stayed in contact with you. Talk to me about your official visit to Kansas.

PA: Kansas was good. They played Kansas State so that is a big rivalry game. The fans are really energetic and probably the wildest fans that I have ever seen. They actually might have the craziest fans in college basketball. That was a good game and it was exciting to see in person.

CE: You went to UNC a few weeks ago for the very first time. Talk to me about that visit.

PA: I think it was a good visit. I was out there with my family and had a good time. I got to see the game and it is just different whenever you watch those games on TV compared to when you are there in person. You get to see firsthand what it is like with the energy and what it looks like to play on such a big stage. That is the biggest game on TV as far as college basketball goes so it was good being there and witnessing that game in person.

CE: They lose Cam Johnson and Nassir Little after this year. Is that a big sell of theirs to you?

PA: It is pretty much whatever everyone else gives about coming in right away and playing, be a leader and be a dude that can do a lot; get it off of the backboard, initiate the offense, rebound, play defense and just fill up the open spots.

CE: Do you have any other visits lined up right now?

PA: Right now, I don’t have anything else lined up as of yet. My recruitment is still wide open and my family is going to sit down and look at the places to visit and we are for sure going to take all of my visits that I can so I just have to sit down with family and figure out where to visit.

CE: Who are those schools that you are considering?

PA: My recruiting process is still open to all of the schools so it could be any school.

CE: Who are those schools that have stayed in contact?

PA: A lot of schools have been talking to me, pretty much the same ones.

CE: Okay, then how was the Memphis visit that you took back in the fall?

PA: I went there for their midnight madness. It was good. I went to see Memphis and the school is good along with the coaching staff in terms of Penny (Hardaway), Mike (Miller) and Sam Mitchell. Pro coaching staff. They also have a good class coming in with James Wiseman. It just depends on whatever is the best fit for me. That is what my decision will be based off of.

CE: How are your feelings of going back home with St. John’s which is where your brother played?

PA: Yeah, my brother played there and we have a relationship with them since he played there and it is close to home.

CE: How about your relationship with UConn and Kimani (Young)?

PA: It has been the same. I know Kimani well and I have known him for a while. The relationship that I have with those dudes is good.

CE: I believe Georgia is beginning to recruit you a little more? Is Anthony Edwards in your ear at all?

PA: Anthony, man, he doesn’t stop! Actually, coach Tom Crean was at my school about three days ago. He sat down with me and spoke about what they had planned for next year and the dudes that they have coming in.

CE: Last one, I actually know that you went to a game that Georgia played at Florida and having Omar Payne on your team who is already committed to Florida, what are your thoughts about them?

PA: Florida has been recruiting me, also, and I love playing with Omar. He is a great teammate and we went to a game and watched them play. I like the way that they play. I can’t really say much about them because I haven’t had the chance to see the school yet but I do really like how they play.

CE: I also have to ask about the G-League avenue for you; is that an option for you?

PA: My family, we value education a lot and my parents believe that someone should go through college to get that experience so, as of right now, so we are leaning toward college.

CE: Signing period is just a few weeks away. What is your timetable for a college decision?

PA: Sometime in April or May, I don’t know right now. I am not in a rush right now and I am not really bothered by it all. I am laid back and I am just calm with this all and confident in everyone in my circle and we are just going to go with what we feel like is best for me moving forward with my career.