Plenty of visitors for Bennett

It has been difficult for Jason Bennett, the No. 88 ranked player in the class of 2006, to live up to the lofty expectations that come with being 7-foot-2, 240-pounds. Bennett, however, showed some definite improvement this high school season for Arlington Country Day in Jacksonville, Fla., by playing with much more aggression than he has in the past. Most importantly, Coach Rex Morgan of Arlington Country Day is quite impressed with his center's work ethic.
"Jason started lifting weights in November," said Coach Morgan. "He has gotten so much stronger and is up to 245-pounds. It has helped him a lot on both ends of the floor. I think he is the best defensive player in the country.
"Jason has a desire to get better. He is with his personal trainer at 7:00AM, five days a week. Plus, he is working hard on the individual drills we do everyday at the school."
Plenty of schools are aware of Bennett's progress, and a number of those schools will be visiting with him during this contact period.
"Jason's getting interest from just about everybody in the country," said Morgan. "Cincinnati will be in here tomorrow. Also Auburn, Illinois, Miami, Florida and Georgia will all be here in the next two weeks."